Ask our expert sales consultants for a personal slab-yard tour and design ideas, or let them recommend a highly skilled, local fabricator to cut and fit your selected top professionally.


Which brands do you stock?

Interslab Zambia is the exclusive distributor of Caesarstone, Eezi Quartz and Rudi’s Choice natural stone.


What is the difference between the variety of surfaces?


What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is the original engineered quartz surface. Made from up to 93% quartz aggregate, Caesarstone is the top luxury surface for residential and commercial interiors, which comes with a lifetime warranty. It is available in a variety of different designs, thickness and finishes.


What is Eezi Quartz?

Eezi Quartz it an affordable quarts brand, that comes in a thickness of 20mm. It comes with a 15 year residential warranty when installed correctly.


How big are your slabs?

Our engineered quartz products comes in a variety of sizes:  3.05m x 1.44m,  3,2m x 1,6m and 3,2m x 1,8m. Natural stone slabs vary in size and can all be viewed in person in our warehouse.


Where can you install your surfaces?

Engineered quartz brands, like Caesarstone and Eezi Quartz are virtually non-porous, so they are ideal for areas that are exposed to moisture, are in high traffic zones or need to be hygiene sensitive. They are perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower cladding, stairways and backsplashes. We do not recommend quartz for outdoor installations, unless it is a collection specifically made for this. Natural stone needs to be polished and sealed to be used for countertops, as it can be porous. Many marbles and Onyx slabs showcase incredible colour, movement and designs, making them great for wall cladding and show-stopper feature areas like bars and fire places.


How do I clean my countertops?

Caesarstone and Eezi Quartz do not require sealing like natural stone. For daily care and maintenance a light soapy detergent and water will suffice. For stubborn marks use their branded cleaners or liquid chemico. Never use harsh chemicals and always use a non-abrasive sponge.


How can I check if I have genuine Caesarstone or Eezi Quartz surfaces?

Check underneath your slabs for clear branding and a unique serial number.


Can I put hot pots directly onto my countertops?

No matter how durable your countertops are, it is not advisable to put hot pots directly onto stone countertops, as the dramatic temperature change can cause thermal shock, cracks or burn marks. It is also not recommend to chop directly onto the surface as you may damage your knives or scratch the surfaces. We always recommend using a trivet or chopping board at all times.


How much do your products cost

As we’re the wholesalers of the slabs and each slab is priced differently, it’s best for you to contact us directly with your specific design needs. We will put you in touch with a recommended installer who knows how to transport, cut and install these large slabs: +260 770 361 537 or